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Driven by Innovation, We thrive on the passion to transform Ideas into awe-inspiring Mobile Apps which are simple & addictive to use. Our extensive Ideation-to-Launch experience always ends up adding immense value to the Product. Every Custom Application development is an exhilarating journey to us, similar to what Skydiving is to adrenaline junkies. In an ocean of painfully similar ‘No.1 Agencies’, You’ll find us surprisingly interested in Your Success & Delight, and never in Shortcuts & One-size-fits-all approach. With Full-Service approach of serving our Clients, We always have all-under-one-roof.

Core Mobile Development areas

Android development

Android is colossal with 1.4 Billion users, 4000+varied devices &1.5 Million daily activations. To leverage this thriving technology, requires a Team to be on top of every inch of its functionality. We’re it!

iOS development

With our tested iOS App development tools +frameworks +practices & multi OS version +API Level experience, We are equipped to help you max monetization-potential of your multi- iDevice App.

Hybrid App development

Hybrid’s about gaining best of both worlds, with faster time-to-market, lower App development Cost and greater portability|flexibility without sacrificing native specific features.

Nope, We don’t develop Apps for Mobiles

Yes, We don’t really design & develop Apps for iPhone/iPad/Smartphone/etc.Because these devices don’t matter. It’s the People who Tap, Swipe/flick, Pinch, Drag, Like, View do! The Apps we design & develop, engage with the people who your business wants to connect with, on the devices they prefer.

How to develop an App, without costing a fortune

By starting with MVP(Minimum Viable Product), i.e. the most basic version of your App to test your idea. We’ve ample experience to know that it’ll pay you well to test waters, before developing full blown App. Unless asked otherwise, We take ‘Startup approach’ for every new App Idea that Clients approach us for. We are greedy for your success, & not the Development paycheck.


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Latest works

  • RXMeDoc

    Online Specialist Doctor consultation

  • Zone Iphone & Android

    GPS Based Social Media Application

  • KidZ Brain Android

    Educational Gaming Application' for Kids

  • Oryxsale Iphone & Android

    Classified App similar to 'OLX'

  • Stick Messaging Iphone

    Emoji Application

  • City of Downey Iphone & Android

    Utility Application for Submitting Service Request

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  • We've been very satisfied. Gtek Info Solutions LLC's work has made a big impact in our effort to modernize our processes and become more responsive.

    Owner, Leisure Business
    United Kingdom
  • Gtek Info Solutions LLC was successful at implementing features, and making our applications sing and dance.

    CEO, Canadian Agency
    Montreal, Canada
  • Gtek Info Solutions LLC has delivered according to our design blueprints 100% of the time.

    President, Adkisson Consulting
    Federal Way, Washington
  • I will stay with Gtek Info Solutions LLC because they deliver. I would give them a high rating in terms of organization and ability to deliver quality programmers who find it easy to communicate in English.

    Independent Consultant
    London, United Kingdom
  • I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have been a consistent, quality partner. We have worked together for about 10 years. I have full confidence in them.

    Director, Critical Mission Computing
    United Kingdom
  • I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have been a consistent, quality partner. We have worked together for about 10 years. I have full confidence in them.

    Director, Critical Mission Computing
    United Kingdom
  • I am very grateful for finding Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have very clear and honest communication methods. They always tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.

    Owner, Various e-Commerce Sites
  • They have expertise in completing the project always before time without the quality of work getting undermined and also their communication with clients is really commendable.

    Director, Arrow Digital
    Harrogate, United Kingdom
  • I have found Gtek Info Solutions LLC Team excellent in technical skills, communication and meeting quality standards. Moreover, their problem solving skills are really good and they can provide some really good suggestions during project meetings.

    Executive, Education Company
    North Melbourne, Australia
  • Gtek Info Solutions LLC has done great jobs for us. We have continued to use and trust them. Owner/manager is accessible to resolve any issue that comes up. He is pro-active. Staff is knowledgeable and cooperative.

    Owner, Skull Shaver LLC
    Jersey City, United States
  • Such an amazing team to work with! They truly understood the concept and when questions arose, they were incredibly responsive. Definitely will work with them in the future.

    Founder, FITCPA
    Cranston, United States

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