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Gtek Info Solutions LLC. services guarantees the quality of all its services and its solutions listed on this Website

Our services features are designed for customers and their software troubleshooting. Our Objective is to make computing Experience easy and secure. Gtek Info Solutions assures support and satisfaction in all its endeavors however in case you are not satisfied with services please reach us on our Phone number 1-844-564-9252 or email us at We promise immediate remedy and guarantee replacement of software, if any within 12 hours from the time of complaint throughout the service duration.

Please review our return policy before purchasing any of our Products and Services. Gtek Info Solutions offers a detailed description of its software. Therefore, it is assumed that the customer has reviewed product and services of choice and is satisfied with its quality before effecting actual purchase of said product. If you have not tried our free evaluation demonstration, please do so before purchasing any of our products. With knowledge of the above no refund/return request should be solicited by the buyer/user after 7 days from the date of purchase.

Please mention your reason for refund beyond no resolutions , under such request a reply will be sent to you after it has been determined whether a return/refund is necessary. In case you are still not satisfied with our assurance and commitment and want to immediate return in that case it is determined that your product or service offered is defective, we would be accepting the request and refund customer money to customer bank account or credit card or pay pal account whichever is applicable at the time of purchase. Under special conditions only the refunds would be processed by other instruments. All refunds would be credited in customer account within 5 working days after acceptance of Refund request.

For refunds beyond 7 days : Customer are advised to return the catalogues and mails and license to us without a sabotage or modification. Customer must return the product with its original form or packaging and documentation to qualify for a refund. We acknowledge that packing the product to ensure an undamaged return is customer responsibility. All returned products must be undamaged.

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Core eCommerce Website Development Platforms


A truly wholistic eCommerce Website development platform, from any perspective! Completely customizable to the minutest specifics of every aspect of your retail business, whether it’s Online only or Omni-Channel.


The most widely used eCommerce SaaS based platform, encompassing every aspect of a modern eCommerce website. Definitely ideal for managing a Small / Mid-size retail, with no aggressive expansion plans/prospects.

Does a business really need eCommerce website development services

Yes, you need custom ecommerce development. Mobile payments (Digital Wallets, NFC based Apple Pay, et al) are driving Online spending towards doubling within 5 years, and it’s already highest ever. eCommerce is a high growth segment, as new businesses jostle in and the traditional retail embraces it. eCommerce will peak to $1.915 trillion in 2016, with Asia Pacific=$1 trillion & US=$400 billion.

{Dump all the hype and let the facts illustrate}
To propel your business into ecommerce, Your eCommerce Web developer team must have a demonstrated eBusiness acumen on top of impressive coding skills. We are very confident of being One!

‘Digital & Mobile Payments’ growth, fuels the eCommerce Website development

Within 3 years, Consumers will use their Phones & Wearables to pay over $300 billion worth of stuff at physical Sale-points. Frontend innovations in the Payments Industry are making transactions effortless for Customers & Merchants. Mobile wallets, P2P apps and giants like Apple Pay & Android Pay, will increasingly be used In-store & In-App. So it’s more critical than ever to have proven ecommerce web developers, work on your ecommerce property.


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Skilled Developers
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vouched Reputation
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Latest works

  • Jeune Premier

    Ecommerce website for School & Travelling Accessories

  • Zolace

    Ecommerce website for Clothing & Accessories

  • James Jeans Premium Denim

    Ecommerce website for Apparels

  • Little Fashion Addict

    Ecommerce website for Kids Apparels

  • Shopahol

    Multi-vednor Ecommerce Marketplace Website

  • Skullshaver

    Ecommerce Website for Electronic Shavers

  • Robinsons Lighting

    Ecommerce website for Electrical Prodcuts

  • Mangalam Arts

    Ecommerce Website for Furniture & Textiles

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  • We have been very satisfied. Gtek Info Solutions LLC's work has made a big impact in our effort to modernize our processes and become more responsive.

    Owner, Leisure Business
    United Kingdom
  • PlanetWeb was successful at implementing features, and making our applications sing and dance.

    CEO, Canadian Agency
    Montreal, Canada
  • Gtek Info Solutions LLC has delivered according to our design blueprints 100% of the time.

    President, Adkisson Consulting
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  • I will stay with Planet Web because they deliver. I would give them a high rating in terms of organization and ability to deliver quality programmers who find it easy to communicate in English.

    Independent Consultant
    London, United Kingdom
  • I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have been a consistent, quality partner. We have worked together for about 10 years. I have full confidence in them.

    Director, Critical Mission Computing
    United Kingdom
  • I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have been a consistent, quality partner. We have worked together for about 10 years. I have full confidence in them.

    Director, Critical Mission Computing
    United Kingdom
  • I am very grateful for finding Gtek Info Solutions LLC. They have very clear and honest communication methods. They always tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.

    Owner, Various e-Commerce Sites
  • They have expertise in completing the project always before time without the quality of work getting undermined and also their communication with clients is really commendable.

    Director, Arrow Digital
    Harrogate, United Kingdom
  • I have found Planet Web Team excellent in technical skills, communication and meeting quality standards. Moreover, their problem solving skills are really good and they can provide some really good suggestions during project meetings.

    Executive, Education Company
    North Melbourne, Australia
  • Planet web has done great jobs for us. We have continued to use and trust them. Owner/manager is accessible to resolve any issue that comes up. He is pro-active. Staff is knowledgeable and cooperative.

    Owner, Skull Shaver LLC
    Jersey City, United States
  • Such an amazing team to work with! They truly understood the concept and when questions arose, they were incredibly responsive. Definitely will work with them in the future.

    Founder, FITCPA
    Cranston, United States

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